Outsourced Services

Most cities with populations such as Jenkins do not have the resources nor the workload to have on staff persons for legal, engineering, building inspection, police, fire, planning and zoning and other such services. This leaves small cities to provide those services through outside parties.  Jenkins contracts outside services for those listed below, with the exception of building inspections, as we have not adopted the Minnesota State Uniform Building Code rendering that service unnecessary at this time.  Each city has the authority and right to determine how contracted services are set up within their own jurisdiction.

The types of services listed below require education, experience, accreditation, and licensing in their respective areas.  Most cities with populations of 5,000 or less do not have staff members nor do they require staff members to have those qualifications in those specific areas.  The City needs expertise in Engineering to provide our residents with safe and properly designed roads. We need expertise in Planning and Zoning to enable the City make informed, thoughtful and appropriate land use decisions. Land use can be complex and very costly to cities if the many legal requirements related to land use decisions are not followed. Please be assured that all of our outsourced services are used at the Council’s discretion and direction. Any outsourced person or entity that is assigned to aid in these areas is qualified and are using the City of Jenkins specifications, Comprehensive Plan, Ordinances and other relevant City documents.  These City documents were developed by appointed boards and commissions made up of people within our community as well as the elected City Council officials who were elected by our community. Any action taken by the City of Jenkins has been approved, by majority vote, by the City Council.


Police protection: Police protection is the City of Pequot Lakes on a contract, which is reviewed yearly. The cost of those services determined by the Pequot Lakes Police Department. 
Fire Protection: Fire protection is the City of Pequot Lakes Fire Department on a contract, which is reviewed yearly. The cost is based on a formula that uses the City’s market value, number of calls and other pertinent information with this contract reviewed on a yearly basis as well. 
City Attorney: Our contracted City Attorney is on a retainer at a set amount determined by an agreement between the City Attorney and City Council.  
Engineer and Planning & Zoning: Our engineering and planning & zoning services are used on an as needed basis at the direction of City Council.  They include, but are not limited to things such as:


Project type


Feasibility studies for street projects


Street specifications and design


Street maintenance and repair guidance 

Planning and Zoning

Zoning application reviews (variances, CUP’s, etc.)

Planning and Zoning

Land use and zoning permitting

Planning and Zoning

Subdivision and land use ordinance review


Septic Inspector: Tri-County Septic provides the City with septic reviews, design approvals and installation inspections on an as needed basis. This service is paid from the fee collected from the septic application.